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Allstate Benefits provides a full portfolio of voluntary individual and voluntary group insurance products with the convenience of paying premiums through payroll deduction, automatic bank draft and share draft through your credit union. This, in addition to our family relationship with Allstate, our parent company, translates into the power of choice to our customers all across America. We realize that every family's need is different. We don't just sell insurance; we develop a diverse line of insurance products to help satisfy your individual needs.

The Need for Life Insurance
Life insurance is an essential part of financial planning. The cash provided by life insurance can also help ensure that your dependents are not burdened with significant debt when you die. Many families today have little savings outside of their 401(k)s. In 60 percent of married households, both spouses work. If one spouse dies unexpectedly, many of the surviving spouses struggle financially, some more than others. Life insurance proceeds could mean your dependents would not have to sell assets to pay outstanding bills or taxes. Proceeds from life insurance often prove to be the largest asset these survivors have.

Allstate Benefits offers two types of life insurance. The type of life insurance you should choose depends on you and your family’s personal needs. Most employers provide life insurance; however, coverage usually stops when your employment ends. Our individual supplemental life insurance provides coverage that can continue even if you change jobs.

    Term Life insurance is usually considered to be an economical form of life insurance and is used for providing life coverage for a specified period of time. Many people choose term insurance when they have defined situations where life insurance is needed only for a pre-determined length of time or event. Examples of these situations are: for the duration of a mortgage or other debt; to provide for final expenses; or to maintain a reasonable standard of living for young families should a wage earner die unexpectedly.

    Universal Life insurance provides a death benefit and, over time, may provide you with a fund value you can use for retirement, children’s education or emergencies. You may vary the premiums paid into your policy, you get tax-deferred fund value accumulations, competitive current interest rates, and you are guaranteed a minimum interest rate. Should you decide to borrow against the fund value accumulated in your universal life insurance policy, the loan is not dependent on credit checks or other restrictions. An important feature of life insurance is that no income tax is payable on proceeds paid to beneficiaries. Universal Life insurance provides a benefit for survivors, yet while the insured is alive, continues to accumulate fund values for as long as the policy is in force.

The Need for Disability Income Insurance
One of your most valuable assets may be your ability to earn an income. Pay a small amount now for Disability Income insurance, and you will have benefits to help offset a loss of income if you are unable to work due to a covered disability.

The Need for Supplemental Health Insurance
Hopefully, you have major medical insurance to help pay some of the medical costs should you require treatment or hospitalization for an illness or injury. But did you know that many expenses associated with the treatment of disease and/or injury are non-medical and may not be covered under your major medical policy? Supplemental health policies include benefits that can help pay for the non-medical expenses associated with the treatment of cancer, heart disease, stroke, accidental injury or hospital confinement for covered conditions. We offer separate supplemental policies with benefits paid directly to the insured, unless they are assigned, and are paid in addition to any other insurance you may have for the treatment of cancer, heart disease or accidental injury. We also offer a supplemental hospital indemnity policy with benefits for hospitalization due to any covered illness or injury. You can apply for individual or family coverage.