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Life is unpredictable, but Allstate Benefits offers coverage to help protect your finances from the unexpected. With group voluntary plans comes the advantages of group pricing and richer, more balanced benefits. We know deciding on benefits is an important task — click on the plans below to learn more.

Value Added Services

Travel Assist

Traveling away from home can be exciting, but the comforts of home are never missed as much as when something goes wrong. Offered with our Term Life insurance, Travel Assist gives you access to worldwide medical and travel assistance 24 hours a day.


Life is easier with EyeMed, the largest eye care network in America. Get access to annual eye exams, corrective lenses and disease detection and prevention for you and your family with EyeMed.

EyeMed Vision Care is underwritten by Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company® of Kansas City, Missouri.

Dental Insurance

Dental care can be expensive, that’s why dental insurance with DentalGuard makes sense. DentalGuard helps pay for preventative care that can keep you and your family healthy, as well as extensive, costly and often unexpected expenses.

Allstate Benefits is authorized to offer certain DentalGuard policies, underwritten by Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, but Allstate Benefits is not an affiliate or related to entity of Guardian.