Allstate Benefits Circle of Service

Customer focused, customer driven

At Allstate Benefits, we’re committed to customer service and satisfaction. Our Circle of Service operations model ensures that our customers are the primary focus of everything we do. From enrollment and technology solutions, to our competitive product portfolio and customer care, Allstate Benefits delivers employee benefits options to help protect what matters most to your business. Are you in good hands?® You can be.

AllState Circle of service

1. Sales Process Underwriting - At Allstate Benefits, we’re not only working harder; we’re working smarter. Our onboarding systems allow us to complete underwriting for thousands of applications simultaneously. With efficiency upgrades and superior technology implementation, we deliver a seamless customer experience, as well as competitive products tailored to your needs.

2. Product Implementation - The Home Office teams at Allstate Benefits add further degrees of professional service and support to everyone we serve. Here’s what you can expect with our best-in-class implementation administration:

  • Onboarding customer support
  • Personalized implementation call with your benefits administration team and our team leaders
  • Personalized call with our billing administrators
  • Complete enrollment and case management service and support

3. Enrollment & Technology - Flexible enrollment technology solutions allow Allstate Benefits to deliver state-of-the-art enrollment management for your business. Our enrollment protocols integrate with any employer’s benefits system, or our own proprietary technology.

4. New Business - This is where all of our teams coalesce to deliver a smarter, industry-leading customer experience. From Information Technology and Underwriting, to our partners in the field and Customer Care, we’re striving to serve the needs of each business group and certificate holder. Through efficient and superior technology we deliver best-in-class customer service, so you can concentrate on the most important things in your life.

5. Premium Admin - We’re making it easier for you to do business with us. We’ve created behind-the-scenes technology that complements our online billing services; helping us deliver an unmatched customer experience. Here’s how:

  • Account Implementation Manager (AIM) - AIM is our proprietary, cutting-edge system, giving our teams secure, comprehensive access to client information for seamless, end-to-end service.
  • EasyBill Online — Customer portal that allows benefits administrators to access and manage company/certificate holder information.

6. Customer Care - We’ve listened and learned from our customers, leading us to implement impactful website updates to improve the overall customer experience. Recently we’ve given our customers and our servicing agents superior technological tools to help deliver on the Good Hands® promise. Our online customer care resources include:

  • Express Claims - Secure submission of Wellness and Outpatient Physician’s Treatment (OPT) benefit claims, paid within 48 hours (direct deposit/ACH required)
  • Claim Tracker - Gives customers and servicing agents instant access to claims status
  • Agent Assist - Allows servicing agents to submit claim documents on behalf of certificate holders

7. Claims Processing - When you choose to offer your employees industry-leading voluntary insurance options from Allstate Benefits, they can register with our MyBenefits website to manage all of their benefit needs. Here’s what certificate holders get with the convenience and security of MyBenefits:

  • Secure, online management of voluntary benefits
  • Instant filing and status updates of claims
  • Express Wellness and Outpatient Physician’s Treatment benefit (OPT) claims paid in 48 hours (Direct deposit/ACH required)

8. Ongoing Service - At Allstate Benefits, we know that once your group has enrolled, our job is just beginning. It’s part of the Good Hands® promise. After enrollment you’ll receive plan administrative support through our Home Office and local office teams.