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We now offer customers the option to file a claim, check claim status, request account changes and see coverage information online at MyBenefits.

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Allstate Benefits
Home Office Address
1776 American Heritage Life Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32224
Customer Service Information
1-800-211-5533 * For Spanish-speaking Customers
8AM to 8PM EST Monday through Friday

AHLminimedical® 1-800-937-7039
Customer Care Center 1-800-521-3535
Group Claims Customer Service 1-800-348-4489
Group Dental Claims 1-800-937-7039
Group Voluntary Disability - Short and Long Term 1-800-348-4489
Individual Claims Customer Service 1-800-348-4489
Policyholder Services 1-800-521-3535
Spanish Speaking Customer Service Unit 1-800-211-5533

Send us an email for additional help and/or information. Please contact the appropriate department and be sure to include your name, phone number, and policy number if applicable.
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Advertising/Marketing Services AB-Marketing@Allstate.com
Agent Recruiting/Sales AB-Recruiting@Allstate.com
Agent Training/Electronic Enrollment AB-AgentTraining@Allstate.com
Agents and Regional Support RegionalSupportCenter@allstate.com
Allstate Sales Support Unit ASSU@Allstate.com
Billing Inquiries AB-PremiumAdmin@Allstate.com
Claims AB-Claims@Allstate.com
Commissions AB-Commissions@Allstate.com
Customer Support Services AB-CustomerSupportServices@allstate.com
Group Insurance Group@Allstate.com
Group Underwriting GroupUnderwriting@Allstate.com
Licensing/Contracting AB-Licensing@Allstate.com
New Business AB-NewBusiness@Allstate.com
Policy Change Unit AB-PolicyChangeForms@Allstate.com
Website Support AB-ProductionSupport@Allstate.com